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Tournament Rules

$5.00 Per Entry - Unlimited Entries

Number ALL Entries next to your name (#1, #2, #3, #4...)

Main Pool entries and payments due by 11:00 AM on 3/21/2020.

Second Chance Pool entries and payments due by 6:00 PM on 3/28/2020.

Absolutely no late entries will be accepted.

*NOTE* The first 2 play-in games on Tuesday and Wednesday will not be part of this pool and all entry sheets will be based on a 64 team base that begins on Thursday.

Once the tournament starts, your bracket sheet will earn points for every game you have picked correctly and zero points for any game not picked correctly.

All rounds of points earned for correct picks will be added together, and the bracket with the most points wins.

In the event of a tie, the first tie breaker will be the entry with the closest number picked to the total points scored in the championship game, then the hierarchy of importance starts with the National Champion and works in descending order all the way down to the first round points.

Last place is awarded to the pick with lowest amount of total points earned for games picked correctly. The same tie breaker system as seen above will be used in the event of tie for last place.


1st Round = 1 Point
2nd Round = 2 Points
3rd Round = 3 Points
4th Round = 4 Points
Semifinals = 5 Points
Nat'l Champion = 6 Points


1st Round = N/A
2nd Round = N/A
3rd Round = 1 Points
4th Round = 2 Points
Semifinals = 3 Points
Nat'l Champion = 4 Points

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