MADNESS in MARCH Tournament for the Kids '20


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How the Tournament for the Kids got started

This fundraiser began in 1995 when the lord put it on my heart to try and take what I thought would be maybe 2 children in our community to a Dallas Mavericks basketball game. I had been running a basketball pool for the college tournament since 1989 and began asking the people that normally entered if they would mind if I took a portion of the money from the pot and used it to take some kids to a ballgame.

I called Big Brothers/Sisters and they informed me that they did allow one time events with the kids but gave me the name and phone numbers to several other organizations they thought might benefit more from this kind of thing. The second organization that I called was the All Church Home for Children and I really had a good feeling about them and did not even call the others, as I knew this was the one. Well, after further research I found out that I could take a lot more kids to a professional baseball game as compared to a Dallas Maverick game.

The response from the players in the pool and people in general was so overwhelming that first year that I had to keep calling the home back asking if I could take more children to the game. I did not take 2 children to the baseball game that year, but was able to take 30 children and all the chaperones from the home as well during that first year!

The Lord has really blessed this event over the years as we have been able to take any child, house parent or any employee from the home, legal guardians and siblings of the children, and anybody else that the home wants to attend without any cost to them.

I am very thankful for all the wonderful people that have made this awesome event possible every year. This will be our 17th year to be able to continue giving to some really special kids and the home that does such good work. I hope you will support our cause and come out to the ballpark with us to enjoy this wonderful event. The game this year will be:

Texas AirHogs vs Goldeyes
Ballpark Pool Party for the Kids!!
Saturday, May 18th

If you would like tickets to this years event:
Tickets this year are only $25.00

Chad A. Keeney
Also known to the Kids as Mr. Chad